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1. Lions- Matthew Stafford- The lions have adressed their OLB needs by acquiring Julian Peterson he should be an adequte pairing w/ ernie simms, now lions get QB of the future to throw some passes to CJ.

2. Rams- Jason Smith-  with all you ram fans out there wanting curry, I just don't see it, with Pace being cut you only have at best one average starter at tackle, Smith will take Pace's place for the next 10 years.

3. Chiefs- Aaron Curry- The Chiefs will go best available defensive linebacker, Curry is the best player in the draft and for him to go #3 is a steal, he will team with vrabel to start rebuilding the defense in KC

4. Seahawks- Eugene Monroe- With all speculation on weather seattle was going Rajaii or Monroe all that was set to light with the hawks acquisition of Redding, Monroe will take over for Walter Jones when the time is right and in the meantime will soldify the right side.

5. Browns- Brian Orakpo- Kameron WImbley has not produced as of yet, the browns need some pass-rushers, orakpo is the best 3-4 rush LB in the draft and will give the clevland defense some needed punch, everette brown is another possibility.

6. Bengals- Michael Oher- The bengals need to adress the OL to give Palmer more time and to eventually become a playoff team palmer needs more protection behind the line, Crabtree isn't an option they have two mega salaries tied into coles and johnson, unless they trade johnson expect this pick to be OL or defense.

7. Raiders- Michael Crabtree- Crabtree becomes the obvious choice, Davis will probably pass on the DT and Andre Smith is slipping too far that he could be had in the 2nd round, I see Crabtree adding another dimension to the raiders offense. With Ruseell, Crabtree they should make a great tandem.

8. Jaguars- Jeremy Maclin- I don't even think I can name the Jag's #1 WR since Matt Jones was cut, but if Maclin is still on the board he will give garrard a true playmaker at WR.

9. Packers- B.J. Rajaai- The packers were hoping Rajaai would fall, the only pieces they are missing for their 3-4 defense are a NT and another 3-4 OLB, Rajaai is an awesome upgrade, for him to drop to the Packers is a steal.

10. 49ers- Everette Brown- The 49ers were hoping that Manny Lawson would provide the much needed pass rush i n their 3-4, but having become a bust they draft another 3-4 rush LB in Brown, QB is not a big possibility no matter what the experts say, the 49ers front office will be wary of drafting another QB high in light of Alex Smith.

11. Bills- Brian Cushing- The Bills need another LB after losing crowell in Free Agency, cushing would be a very good fit with Poluzluzny, another option would be drafting Andre SMith, but his attitude problems will probably scare the bills.

12. Broncos- Mark Sanchez- With Sanchez falling the broncos are relived they don't have to go into the season with Chris Simms, if they indeed do trade Cutler Sanchez will be a QB Mcdaniels can mold from the start.

13. Redskins- Andre Smith- The Redskins need to upgrade their line, and they will take any risks to do so, THe reward will probably not be enough to merit this pick, but I believe Daniel Snyder will pull the trigger

14. Saints- Vontae Davis- Jenkins improved on his pro-day but the Saints will probably like davis a little better.

15. Texans- Malcolm Jenkins- The Texans need a safety more than a corner, so Jenkins will help more based on the switch to safety, The texans will then have a all-pro safety and CB (Duante Robinson) to improve on the Defense.

16. Chargers- Rey Maualuga- The Chargers need to improve the defense to begin to compete for a championship the MLB from USC will start from Day 1 and the chargers will have the makings of the best LB corps in the NFL.

17. Jets- Aaron Maybin- With Sanchez and Maclin gone, the pick is between Beanie Wells and Aaron Maybin, the JEets need some rushers to implement Ryan's complex blitzing schme, Maybin should pair right up with gholston.

18. Bears- Darrius Heyward Bey- the addition of bey will complete and upgrade the Chicago WR core, with Hester and Bey Chicago will have two spedsters to team with the two reliable TE's they have.

19. TB- Peria Jerry- The buccs shed some of their older more slow defensive players, the Buccs defense gave up game by game of huge rushing performances, Jerry should help their run defense.

20. Lions- James Laurinitis- Bailey is one of the worst excuses of MLB in the NFL, With Laurnitis teaming with Peterson and Simms, the Lions will have a very good LB core to build their defense around.

21. Eagles- Beanie Wells- With the loss of Buckhalter and the sucess of twoo headed rushing duos, the Eagles draft wells to be the bruisher back of the two while westbrook acan still be on the field as a split-back.

22. Vikings- William Beatty- the right side of the line for the VIkings has been horrendous in pass blocking, whomever the QB ius going to be next year needs an upgrade at RT.

23. New England- Clay Matthews- Until the Pats trade for Peppers they have a hole at OLB, Clay Matthews would be the perfect fir the Patriots, Hard worker and a true winner from USC.

24. Falcons- Brandon Pettigrew- The Falcons pulling out of the L.J. Smith sweepstakes need another pass catcher for Matt Ryan Pettigrew will be an extreme upgrade at TE.

25. Dolphins- Larry English- The Phins could alwaysd use an upgrade at OLB and a replacement when Porter eventually becames trash.

26. Ravens- Hakeem Nicks- The Ravens need some more weapons, The replacement for mason will most likely be needed if he gets injured, mainly because the birds don't want what happened in the AFC title game to happen again,

27. Colts- Percy Harvin- Percy Harvin will be a very good replacement for Harrison, he will be very fast on the turf and will be even better indoors.

28. Eagles- Eben Britton- The two players they were target ing at 21 were Britton and wells to get both is avery good 1st round of the draft.

29. Giants- Sean Smith- an upgrade at safety is needed after they let Butler get away, to improve the defense is econdary but with no WR available as a 1st round talent they will probably look to deal for edwards or Boldin.

30. Titans- Alphonso Smith- The titans need better corner play on the other side of finnegan, Smith and finnesgan will make a very good duo.

31. Cardinals- Knowshon Moreno- The Cards didn't have a running game for the majority of the year, Moreno at #31 is a huge steal based on teams not needing RB's or not really wanting him, With Moreno the cards can balance their passing game with running game.

32. Steelers- Alex Mack- The SB champs have the ability to go best player available and in doing so have got the best Center prospect to come out in some time, hopefully this gives Big Ben more time in the pocket.



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Top five college prospects per position

Now that the college regular season has ended I will be keeping track of key senoirs and junoirs that will enter the NFL draft, here are the top after the regular season (Will update after bowl season and draft combine)


1.       Sam Bradford (Oklahoma)-top 5 pick

2.       Matt Stafford (Georgia)- top 10 pick

3.       Tim Tebow (Florida)-top 15 pick

4.       Mark Sanchez (USC)-1<sup>st</sup> round pick

5.       Colt McCoy (Texas)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick    

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1.       Chris Wells (Ohio State)- top 15 pick

2.       Knowshon Moreno (Georgia)- top 15 pick

3.       Lesean McCoy (Pittsburg)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

4.       Demarco Murray (Oklahoma)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

5.       Javon Ringer (Michigan State)- 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

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1.       Michael Crabtree (Texas Tech)- top 10 pick

2.       Darrius Heyward-Bey (Maryland)- top 25 pick

3.       Jeremy Macklin (Missouri)- top 25 pick

4.       Percy Harvin (Florida)-top 25 pick

5.       Juaquin Iglesias (Oklahoma)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick


1.       Jermaine Gresham (Oklahoma)- top 25 pick

2.       Brandon Pettigrew (Oklahoma State)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

3.       Jared Cook (South Carolina State)- 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

4.       Chase Coffman (Missouri)- 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

5.       Travis Beckum (Wisconsin)- 2<sup>nd</sup>-3<sup>rd</sup> round pick


1.       Michael Oher (Ole Miss)- top 3 pick

2.       Eugene Monroe (Virginia)- top 5 pick

3.       Andre Smith (Alabama)- top 10 pick

4.       Ciron Black (LSU)- top 25 pick

5.       Jason Smith (Baylor)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick


1.       Duke Robinson (Oklahoma)- top 25 pick

2.       Herman Johnson (LSU)- 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

3.       Trevor Canfield (Cincinnati)- 3<sup>rd</sup>-4<sup>th</sup> round pick

4.       Anthony Parker (Tennessee)- 3<sup>rd</sup>-4<sup>th</sup> round pick

5.       Andy Kemp (Wisconsin)-4<sup>th</sup> round pick


1.       Alex Mack (California)- 1<sup>st</sup> round pick

2.       Jonathan Luigs (Arkansas)- 2<sup>nd</sup>-3<sup>rd</sup> round pick

3.       Antoine Caldwell (Alabama)- 2<sup>nd</sup>-3<sup>rd</sup> round pick

4.       Josh McNeil (Tennessee)- 3<sup>rd</sup> round pick

5.       A. Q. Shipley (Penn State)- 4<sup>th</sup>-5<sup>th</sup> round pick

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1.       Brian Orakpo (Texas)- top 5 pick

2.       Michael Johnson (Georgia Tech)- top 15 pick

3.       George Selvie (South Florida)- top 25 pick

4.       Everette Brown (Florida State)- top 25 pick

5.       Greg Hardy (Ole Miss)- top 25 pick


1.       Terrence Cody (Alabama)- top 15 pick

2.       Sen’Darrick Marks (auburn)- top 25 pick

3.       Peria Jerry (Ole Miss)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

4.       Demarcus Granger (Oklahoma)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

5.       B. J. Raji (Boston College)- 2<sup>nd</sup> Round


1.       Aaron Curry (Wake Forest)- top 20 pick

2.       Clint Sintim (Virginia)-1<sup>st</sup> Round

3.       Brian Cushing (USC)- 1<sup>st</sup> round pick

4.       Sean Witherspoon (Missouri)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

5.       Mark Herzlich (Boston College)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

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1.       Rey Maualuga (USC)- top 15 pick

2.       James Laurinaitis (Ohio State)- top 20 pick

3.       Brandon Spikes (Florida)- 1<sup>st</sup> round pick

4.       Daniel Holtzclaw (Eastern Michigan)- 3<sup>rd</sup>-4<sup>th</sup> round pick

5.       Jason Phillips (TCU)- 3<sup>rd</sup>-4<sup>th</sup> round pick


1.       Malcolm Jenkins (Ohio State)- top 10 pick

2.       Vontae Davis (Illinois)- top 20 pick

3.       D. J. Moore (Vanderbilt)- 1<sup>st</sup> round pick

4.       Mike Mickins (Cincinnati)- 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

5.       Victor Harris (Virginia Tech)- 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick


1.       Taylor Mays (USC)- top 10 pick

2.       Myron Rolle (Florida State)- top 20 pick

3.       William Moore (Missouri)- 1<sup>st</sup> round pick

4.       Nic Harris (Oklahoma)- 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

5.       Derek Pegues (Mississippi State)- 2<sup>nd</sup> Round pick


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Butterfingers no more

Visthanthe Shaincoe has the been on the receiving end and righfully so with Brad Childress wanting to be axed, I would say Shiancoe was one of the bluners of Childress personal signings, Chester and wade have benn two very good signing, as of the end of the 2007 season we could all reasonalbly say the shaincoe signing was a bust. He was dropping passes in the endzone, fumbling several times and never quite getting the offense, then something changed he approached this season with hardwork and patience and he has been rewarded, he is having by far his best year as a pro, tyed for 1st in the NFC with 5 tds by te's he has the 2nd most tds on the team with BB and has become a possibily for a probowl alternate, he is the 4th receiving option behind wade, chester and BB and peronally has become one of my favorite Viking players behind TJax
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