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Top five college prospects per position

Now that the college regular season has ended I will be keeping track of key senoirs and junoirs that will enter the NFL draft, here are the top after the regular season (Will update after bowl season and draft combine)


1.       Sam Bradford (Oklahoma)-top 5 pick

2.       Matt Stafford (Georgia)- top 10 pick

3.       Tim Tebow (Florida)-top 15 pick

4.       Mark Sanchez (USC)-1<sup>st</sup> round pick

5.       Colt McCoy (Texas)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick    

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1.       Chris Wells (Ohio State)- top 15 pick

2.       Knowshon Moreno (Georgia)- top 15 pick

3.       Lesean McCoy (Pittsburg)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

4.       Demarco Murray (Oklahoma)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

5.       Javon Ringer (Michigan State)- 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

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1.       Michael Crabtree (Texas Tech)- top 10 pick

2.       Darrius Heyward-Bey (Maryland)- top 25 pick

3.       Jeremy Macklin (Missouri)- top 25 pick

4.       Percy Harvin (Florida)-top 25 pick

5.       Juaquin Iglesias (Oklahoma)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick


1.       Jermaine Gresham (Oklahoma)- top 25 pick

2.       Brandon Pettigrew (Oklahoma State)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

3.       Jared Cook (South Carolina State)- 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

4.       Chase Coffman (Missouri)- 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

5.       Travis Beckum (Wisconsin)- 2<sup>nd</sup>-3<sup>rd</sup> round pick


1.       Michael Oher (Ole Miss)- top 3 pick

2.       Eugene Monroe (Virginia)- top 5 pick

3.       Andre Smith (Alabama)- top 10 pick

4.       Ciron Black (LSU)- top 25 pick

5.       Jason Smith (Baylor)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick


1.       Duke Robinson (Oklahoma)- top 25 pick

2.       Herman Johnson (LSU)- 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

3.       Trevor Canfield (Cincinnati)- 3<sup>rd</sup>-4<sup>th</sup> round pick

4.       Anthony Parker (Tennessee)- 3<sup>rd</sup>-4<sup>th</sup> round pick

5.       Andy Kemp (Wisconsin)-4<sup>th</sup> round pick


1.       Alex Mack (California)- 1<sup>st</sup> round pick

2.       Jonathan Luigs (Arkansas)- 2<sup>nd</sup>-3<sup>rd</sup> round pick

3.       Antoine Caldwell (Alabama)- 2<sup>nd</sup>-3<sup>rd</sup> round pick

4.       Josh McNeil (Tennessee)- 3<sup>rd</sup> round pick

5.       A. Q. Shipley (Penn State)- 4<sup>th</sup>-5<sup>th</sup> round pick

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1.       Brian Orakpo (Texas)- top 5 pick

2.       Michael Johnson (Georgia Tech)- top 15 pick

3.       George Selvie (South Florida)- top 25 pick

4.       Everette Brown (Florida State)- top 25 pick

5.       Greg Hardy (Ole Miss)- top 25 pick


1.       Terrence Cody (Alabama)- top 15 pick

2.       Sen’Darrick Marks (auburn)- top 25 pick

3.       Peria Jerry (Ole Miss)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

4.       Demarcus Granger (Oklahoma)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

5.       B. J. Raji (Boston College)- 2<sup>nd</sup> Round


1.       Aaron Curry (Wake Forest)- top 20 pick

2.       Clint Sintim (Virginia)-1<sup>st</sup> Round

3.       Brian Cushing (USC)- 1<sup>st</sup> round pick

4.       Sean Witherspoon (Missouri)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

5.       Mark Herzlich (Boston College)- 1<sup>st</sup>-2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

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1.       Rey Maualuga (USC)- top 15 pick

2.       James Laurinaitis (Ohio State)- top 20 pick

3.       Brandon Spikes (Florida)- 1<sup>st</sup> round pick

4.       Daniel Holtzclaw (Eastern Michigan)- 3<sup>rd</sup>-4<sup>th</sup> round pick

5.       Jason Phillips (TCU)- 3<sup>rd</sup>-4<sup>th</sup> round pick


1.       Malcolm Jenkins (Ohio State)- top 10 pick

2.       Vontae Davis (Illinois)- top 20 pick

3.       D. J. Moore (Vanderbilt)- 1<sup>st</sup> round pick

4.       Mike Mickins (Cincinnati)- 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

5.       Victor Harris (Virginia Tech)- 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick


1.       Taylor Mays (USC)- top 10 pick

2.       Myron Rolle (Florida State)- top 20 pick

3.       William Moore (Missouri)- 1<sup>st</sup> round pick

4.       Nic Harris (Oklahoma)- 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick

5.       Derek Pegues (Mississippi State)- 2<sup>nd</sup> Round pick


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